Custom Photography Workshops: The 2013 Winery Experience

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Today everyone has the tools to be a great photographer...

I create custom photography workshops that give your customers the opportunity to learn more about your estate and about photography in a fun and unique way. No matter if they use their SmartPhones or their SLRs, they enjoy your estate, your wines and take home beautiful professional-quality prints of their own images.

Imagine inviting a select group of your avid fans to learn about photographing wineries and vineyards and then spend the evening capturing your estate. Those same photographers reconvene the following afternoon at your winery with their friends and family for an art exhibit featuring your wines, hors d'oeuvres and the images they captured - printed and displayed for everyone to enjoy. This is a new, unique concept that could add value to your customer-relations program while meeting people in the digital age that they have embraced.

This photography experience is customized to your Estate!

If I've learned anything about wineries over the last decade of photographing them it's that no two wineries are alike - they each have their own unique character and style. The foundation for these photography workshops is the same - an informative discussion about your estate and photography, exploration of selected areas of your grounds and images printed for your customers to take home. Beyond that there are a variety of different options to consider in crafting this experience. A PDF with detailed information about this program is available by request. Contact me at (707) 536-1749 or via the contact link above to receive this information.

Time is of the Essence!

In 2013 I have availability only for 12 weekend winery workshops. To guarantee the date(s) you prefer l would suggest contacting me soon. We will set up a meeting to go over the various options and craft a unique experience that works for your estate and is exciting to your customer base. There is no obligation at this preliminary meeting, however, you may opt to finalize the plans and confirm your workshop dates at that time.

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What does this have to do with wine and why do you want to work with me?

As you well know by now, people buy with their emotions and a solid personal connection with a customer is golden. This experience I am offering is a new way of connecting with your customers that fits well into the technology and culture of today. Furthermore, an offer like this could add value to your wine club or membership program. Finally, I am a smart, funny, well-experienced photographer and artist. I was in hospitality and club management for over 10 years in the local wine industry and have photographed over 300 vineyards and wineries in the Sonoma/Napa regions.  These workshops are fun and easy for your customers to enjoy and there is very little obligation on your part.

I would love to talk with you more about these workshops and see how they can enhance the fabulous experience you are already providing to your customers. Call me at (707) 536-1749 or via the contact link above to set a date to talk.