Engaging art experiences

In this time of divisiveness and discord, how do we use art and expression to bring people closer together? How do we use photography as a tool for building a better understanding of each other?  Engaging art experiences should do just that - create thought, dialogue and connection. As a photography-based studio, we look to build these experiences for organizations and communities. The experience is fully customized to our clients' needs and desires. While the process is different for everyone, the foundation is the same: Photography and Art.



Work in Progress

What does the word “Home” mean to us? At a time, and in a place, where homes are becoming increasingly unattainable, how do we define “home”. Is it a place, a person, a feeling? After losing 5,1000 homes, in an area where homes were already becoming increasingly out of reach, can “home” be the physical structure? Can we develop a community-based art endeavor aimed to change our perceptions of “home” and get creative about affordable housing for the many now in need?


Work in Progress

How does a large, multi-national organization recognize the individual in their ever-growing workforce? How are employees made to feel valued – heard and seen – when they are one of thousands? How can art and photography help address issues of diversity and retention in an ever-complex organizational structure?   



As a community-based art endeavor, can we use photography to give staff, patients, and the surrounding community a sense of ownership and belonging in this new, large health center? How do we let them know they are valued and welcome before the doors of the center even open?


Part I in Production   .   Install Dates Ongoing

What now? How do we respond to the fire and the damage sustained both in this community and in this large health center that served over 24,000 uninsured and under-insured? Can we use art and photography as a way to heal and rise above the trauma and loss?


Fundraising Stage   .    Publish Est. 2019

What are the common threads of humanity in the United States? As a country, we have never been more divided. However, the differences are an illusion. We are one people, one country. This photo series captures that connection and that humanity. 

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Begin exploring how art & photography can be strategically used within your organization to  address the challenges of a diverse workforce and community.  Help fund our personal that support the strength of our community and country. Or just reach out and say "Hi!"