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Life is a constant exploration

So why not make it fun?  I am a professional photographer, artist, art consultant, dancer, writer, entrepreneur, and mother of one fabulous teenager.

With over 2 decades of professional photography experience, I blend my knowledge of art and photography with organizational psychology principles in building stronger organizations, businesses, and communities through art and photography.

How can art be used to to create a better sense of belonging and identification with an organization? Art is often the last consideration for a new office space, however, it makes a noticeable, quantifiable impact that can't be disregarded. I've been bringing these concepts to organizations, developing rich, community-driven art programs, for over 7 years. 

I love what I do. I love creating and helping others bring their creative vision to life. I am a woman of many talents and abilities, fascinated with how things are made, and coming up with creative new ideas and concepts. I work hands-on in developing and building, analyzing, and connecting the dots.

I am a master dot-connector. 



The studio is located on the top floor of a former auto repair shop in Santa Rosa's South A Arts District (the SOFA neighborhood) near downtown. The SOFA neighborhood features almost 40 artists and we host over 12 events throughout the year. My studio is open to the public during some of those events and by appointment. To schedule a time to visit the studio contact me at (707) 536-1749 or via the contact link above.