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Megan Rhodes: 

I am a professional photographer, artist, art consultant, explorer of psychology, dancer, entrepreneur, and mother of one fabulous child. And in my free time I ...

I have been a professional photographer for almost two decades, primarily working in the wine, health care and energy industries. Often I find myself in awe - of the beauty, kindness, and generosity of the subjects in front of my lens. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do.

I see no limitations on the boundaries of photography - frame and matt board be damned. Want to create a photography mural out of tiny little pieces of prints - let's do it. Want to create a photo series to hang outdoors on chainlink fences - I can tell you how to do it. I love the medium of photography and pushing the conventional bounds of how to present it. 

Most recently I've been helping organizations develop rich, community-driven art programs.  When I tell people I am a commercial art consultant they stare blankly at me, so let me explain. I go into buildings being built (like steel beams, no ceilings, hard had zones) and I envision what the art should be on the walls and I come up with ideas on how to involve the staff, communities or other important people in developing those collections. I've been blending the lines of art consulting with organizational psychology to explore how to create a better sense of belonging and identification with an organization through the art and creativity. Art is often the last consideration for a new office space, however, it makes a noticeable, quantifiable impact that can't be disregarded. 

That's me in a nutshell. I love what I do. I love creating and helping others bring their creative vision to life. I am a woman of many talents and abilities - if I don't know how to do it then I still jump in and figure it out along the way.  I am fascinated with how things are made, coming up with creative new ideas and concepts, being hands on in developing and building, analyzing businesses and strategies, collecting data and running statistical analyses, and connecting the dots. I am a master dot-connector. 

And sometimes I sleep. 

The Studio:

The studio is located on the top floor of a former auto repair shop in Santa Rosa's South A Arts District (the SOFA neighborhood) near downtown. The studio is where all of my projects, both big and small, are produced. Extra large works, like mural-sized prints, are outsourced to a select number of quality local vendors.  

The SOFA neighborhood features almost 40 artists and we host over 12 events throughout the year. My studio is open to the public during those events and always by appointment. To schedule a time to visit the studio contact me at (707) 536-1749 or via the contact link above. The address is:

461 Sebastopol Avenue, Studio G, Santa Rosa, CA 95404


The Mailing List:

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