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A great headshot is Crucial!

The quality and style of your headshot conveys who you are as a person and as professional. As more of our lives goes online, it’s ever more important to reflect who you are today.

Is your profile photo more than two years old? Has your hairstyle changed? Do you wear glasses, but not have them on in your profile photo? If the photo is not what you look like now, what then does that say about your credibility and self-confidence?

Marketing experts recommend you update your professional headshot at a minimum every three to five years, however, in today’s era of social media and online marketing staying current is even more important.  

·        9 out of 10 people will research you on social media before deciding to hire or work with you

·        1 in 5 people will only look at your profile picture and nothing else on your LinkedIn page.

·        You are much more likely to be taken seriously if you have a professional headshot on your social media profiles.



There is a big difference between having a friend take your photo and a professional headshot customized for you.

Megan and her team have spent almost a decade developing a simple process to make sure their clients love their shots and are able to use them towards reaching their goals. They work with you to make sure they find your best angles, minimize the things you don’t like, and guarantee you walk away with shots you love.


For Teams & Organizations:

In addition to our standard shoots, we also travel on-location to do shoots for your entire office so everyone has a matching photo that looks unified and streamlined on your company website. Why is this important?

·        Great portraits form an emotional and memorable connection with the visitors to your website and social media pages

·        They make you memorable and show your company is well established

·        They increase trust by putting a face to your name and, when images follow an organized theme and aesthetic, reinforcing your brand.

Corporate & group shoot sessions are typically done on location at your office. We'll set up a mobile studio in a conference room or open space, and those needing headshots can come in at their convenience to get their photo taken. Final selections are sent back in high-resolution with a quick turnaround.

VegaM IMG_7566.jpg
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Branding means finding what makes you different than the others out there and showing that off to the world. How can you stand out in a positive and memorable way? How can your images support your brand or mission? These are the questions we'll help you answer during your shoot.


Our goal is to make your shoot super fun, easy, painless, and quick. Even if you hate having photos taken of yourself, we promise to make it fun and enjoyable so you walk away with a set of photos you love.



1.      You'll love your photos. Our number one priority is making sure you have a positive experience and walk out with a set of photos you want to show everyone who passes by. If you're not happy and we can't fix it, then we will give you a full refund.

2.      You'll laugh and have fun. We make the experience light and easy. You might not like having your picture taken but, as soon as you start laughing, you'll relax on camera and begin enjoying the process.

3.      We will guide you. We will help you choose the best backdrop setup tailored to your industry or brand. We'll also completely help you relax into the perfect expression.

4.      You'll get to see the pictures as we shoot. We want you to tell us what is wrong with the pictures along the way so we can perfect them in the moment - giving you images that you love and want to use.

6.      You'll get your photos the next day, because business doesn’t wait so neither should you.


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