Anyone can take a picture today. What message, however, is that image communicating? Creating an effecting image, so expressive and stunning that it stands out from the multitudes, requires skill, knowledge and talent.

Megan brings nearly two decades of photography experience to her clients. She excels at capturing the true character of whatever subject is in front of her lens. Working directly with her clients, her skills range from pre-production art directing and creating the scene, through seamless shooting with ease and professionalism, to post-production preparing the images to meet the client's needs. Megan's focus (forgive the pun) is always on quality, clarity and beauty. Schedule a consultation via the Contact form or call (707) 536-1749.

More examples of her images and finished art pieces can be found in the Gallery section... here.



  • Headshots

  • Portraits

  • Group/Family Portraits

  • Working/In Action Images

  • Family Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Photo Scenes 

Places & Things:

  • Land/Property Images

  • Vineyards & Farms

  • Energy Installations

  • Buildings & Exteriors

  • Interiors

  • Panoramic Images

  • In-Studio or On-Location Product Shots




  • Photo Concept Design

  • Pre-shoot Planning 

  • Wardrobe Consultation

  • Location Scouting

  • Staff Management



  • Image Sorting & Editing

  • Color and Contrast Correction

  • Corrections/Restorations with Photoshop

  • Image Prep for Large Format Printing

  • Printing & Framing


Read how Megan turns images into works of art in the Art Consulting section... here.