Art Consulting

Art has the ability to build bridges where there were none and to help people find a common ground despite their differences.

Does the artwork on your walls reflect who you are? Does it give you joy and inspiration? What kind of atmosphere are you trying to create? One of elegance? Community? Creativity? Do you want a single piece of art for an empty wall or a permanent collection for an entire facility?

Art is often the last thing people consider when designing a space, however, it is so very important for determining the tone and quality of a room. Megan helps both organizations and individuals create and manage their art collections. Currating, acquiring, printing, framing, installation and ongoing maintenance are services she's brought to numerous residences and bay area organizations including health centers, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices and wineries. Projects have ranged from the simple re-framing and installing of existing art to creating hundreds of framed prints for a permanent collection. For more information call (707) 536-1749 or email Megan via the Contact Form.


Commercial Consulting:


When business today is primarily, if not wholly, based on connecting with people then how is your business reaching past the logical and analytical to relate on a personal, colorful, and creative way?  How can you use photography and art in ways to support and enhance the relationships with your customers and staff?  How can your collection reflect your drive, passion and goals?

The answer to those questions are different for each client. Whether it's one piece for a single wall or an entire collection to fill a new facility, every project is unique and custom created to meet the aims most important at that time. For more information contact the studio at (707) 536-1749 or via the Contact Form.


Residential Consulting:


Art effectively establishes the mood and quality of a space. Going beyond the pretty picture, art can be complex, emotional and inspiring.  Acquiring a piece or establishing a collection for a residence is actually much more complex than for a business. A home is a place that lives and breathes and changes through the years. For this reason, each project is custom and unique. Of course, selections are based on our clients' decor and tastes but the aim is to create artwork that will feed their souls for decades to come. Services range from creating custom artwork and acquiring artwork from local artists to hanging/installing pieces and documenting collections. For more information contact the studio to begin the conversation. Call (707) 536-1749 or use the Contact Form.