"Untitled 607"


"Untitled 607"

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 This is one of the first images created in the the Flux Series - an abstract photography series created by Megan that was revealed to the public in 2013. She continues to expand on this concept with more gallery exhibitions planned for 2014.

Print sizes range from 9x12" to 24x36" and are printed on a high-quality thick fine art paper. Larger Sizes and different paper types are available by request.


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This is an abstract photographic image, part of the "Flux" series created in 2013. The prints are created on a high-quality fine art paper and sizes range from 9x12" to 40x60" and above. For pricing on larger sizes contact Megan at (707) 536-1749 or email meg@meganrhodes.com.

Flux is a state of being. It's in constant motion, flowing with whatever currents and obstacles get it its way. Flux is a dance with life, moving and responding to to the influences around it. Lightness, loss, hope, reaching, dancing, persisting - flux represents where we are in life. 

As a body of work, this is the first exhibit of this series of gorgeous photographic images. All captured within the last year, these images represent a new and exciting direction for the work of Megan Rhodes. The work is abstract yet powerful, beautiful and profound, simple yet stunning - a must see for all photography aficionados.