About Megan

Upward Mobility.jpg

Life is a constant exploration

So why not make it fun?  I am a professional photographer, artist, art consultant, dancer, writer, entrepreneur, and mother of one fabulous teenager.

With over 2 decades of professional photography experience, I blend my knowledge of art and photography with organizational psychology principles in building stronger organizations, businesses, and communities through art and photography.

How can art be used to to create a better sense of belonging and identification with an organization? Art is often the last consideration for a new office space, however, it makes a noticeable, quantifiable impact that can't be disregarded. I've been bringing these concepts to organizations, developing rich, community-driven art programs, for over 7 years. 

I love what I do. I love creating and helping others bring their creative vision to life. I am a woman of many talents and abilities, fascinated with how things are made, and coming up with creative new ideas and concepts. I work hands-on in developing and building, analyzing, and connecting the dots.

I am a master dot-connector.