Writing Samples

Hello IDEO! I posted these three writing samples to give you a brief range of my writing capabilities. The first is a personal reflection written about how the arts have made an impact on my life. The second is an article I wrote about using the arts as strategy in business. The third is a corporate assessment of the damage an art collection sustained during the 2017 fires. You’ll notice that they are all art-related, but that is because art has been my focus for over a decade. I am well-versed and capable of writing on many different subjects, wherever the need may be. I hope you enjoy them and get a better sense of my abilities. If there is anything more I can provide please let me know. Thank you!

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How Art Has Made an Impact on My Life

This was written as part of a proposal for the San Rafael Arts Department. It is an essay on how the arts have made an impact on me. While the topic is very cliche, the process of writing and refining these ideas was well worth the effort. I hope you take a moment to read it.

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The Arts as Strategy For Businesses

The arts do not facilitate change, but they do have the potential to invite new ways of thinking and open up the space to imagination and innovation. Using the arts as strategy essentially puts the artists in organizations to address challenges and bring a unique approach to problem solving.

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Corporate Art Assessment

This assessment was created after the 2017 Tubbs fire, which heavily damaged one of my client’s facilities. We looked at the artwork that survived the fire and looked at what could be salvaged and what the overall losses were. The client’s name was removed from the document.