my dream

This summer, one of my dreams is going to come true. This summer I am going to Europe. I’ve dreamed of going to places like Sweden and Paris for as long as I can remember. One of my best friends from kindergarten was Swedish and every year, her family would go to Sweden and I would hear about how great it was and I always wondered what it was like. Now, almost nine years after I met the ‘swedes,’ my mom and I have the privilege to go to their mom’s wedding in Sweden. Wanting to explore more of Europe than just Sweden, my mom and I  decided to turn it into a whole trip. Now we are going to places like Denmark, Iceland, and the place I’m most excited for, Paris. In order to do all the things I want to do like going to the top of the Eiffel tower, I need to raise money. My goal is at least $300. I am almost halfway to my goal, but in order to get to my goal, I am doing what I love to do: baking.

I've linked two of my favorite cookie recipes here. I will gladly bake you two dozen of these cookies and deliver them to you if you live locally, or mail them to you if you are elsewhere. I've also added a link for any of you who don't want cookies, but still want to support me. Thank you for helping make my dream come true.