my Story

Every year at my school, a select few 8th graders go on a teacher supervised trip to the east coast.  I am one of those few. We will be going to Pennsylvania, in the amish country, Washington DC, to go to many museums and landmarks, and, what I am most excited for, New York. In New York, we will be doing mostly sightseeing at landmarks, but what I am super excited for is the  broadway show that we are going to see! I don't know which one yet, but whatever we see, it will be wonderful! However, this trip is not free and we bring our own spending money for buying souvenirs and such. I  have decided to raise that money by selling cookies, just like I successfully did for my Europe trip.

I've linked two of my favorite cookie recipes here. I will gladly bake you two dozen of these cookies and deliver them to you if you live locally, or mail them to you if you are elsewhere. I've also added a link for any of you who don't want cookies, but still would like to contribute.