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The Arts Do Not Facilitate Change.

Yes, you read that correctly.

As much as the literature and the artsy people out there would like to state otherwise, the arts DO NOT facilitate change.  However, a vibrant art program or collection can lead to new ways of discovering, thinking, and creating - and those facilitate change. This is an important distinction to make. Change is a constant for organizations to stay current and competitive. The arts can help foster new ways to see and understand, and to create new, unique solutions. 

The arts broaden horizons and build bridges of communication and understanding. They can help people understand their own value and how they belong within an organization.  Art is often the last thing people consider when designing a space and, yet, it is one of the few design elements capable of igniting a revolution - a revolution of culture, a revolution of thought - and creating a whole new way of being. 

We help organizations of all sizes develop and implement engaging art endeavors. What are your organization's biggest challenges? How can art facilitate new ways of being within that organization. How can art help people see a new world?

Services include program development, survey development and analysis, curating, acquiring, printing, framing, installation and ongoing maintenance for organizations including health centers, hotels, hospitals, corporate offices, technology companies, and wineries. Projects have ranged from the simple re-framing and installing of existing art to creating hundreds of framed prints for a permanent collection.

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There is an increasing concern over how organizations can establish organizational commitment, innovation, and productivity with its employees. There is also a growing interest in how physical workspaces influence employee interaction and commitment. Whether you're a school, a hospital, a tech giant or a small business, we use art as a lens to explore how people relate within their organizations. Like we stated above, the arts do not facilitate change, but they do encourage new approaches to thinking and coming up with innovative ideas that foster change. It's about creativity, innovation, and dialogue.