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100 Women

Standing together, Stronger Together

100 Women is a portrait project aiming to capture the beauty and strength of women in my community. Starting March 1, 2019, 100 women will take part in a new kind of portrait session, including a 20 minute recorded discussion about the successes and struggles they are experiencing and a 30-40 minute photo shoot. The result will be professional headshots and lifestyle portraits for all participating women, and the project will culminate in a visual and audio exhibit of the images and stories of all 100.

Some women, who are able, will be “Supporters” and will pay the full portrait price of $250. Others will be “Receivers” and will be given portrait sessions as a gift from the supporters. Both the Supporter and Receiver get the same type of portrait session. Receivers may include women who don’t have as many resources, women who are young and just getting started, women who are older and on a fixed income, or women who are icons in our community, among others. Supporters may request a receiver or one can be chosen for them. A sliding scale is available upon request (contact Megan directly to discuss those details). This project is based on the idea of women supporting women, and coming together to be part of a larger group. We are stronger together.

The 100 Women Portrait Project will culminate in:

  • An image from each portrait shoot printed and finished for exhibit

  • All 100 prints displayed together in an exhibition space. Details to be determined as project continues

  • An audio recording mix of parts of each person’s story playing in the exhibit space

Each portrait session includes:

  • Brief survey questions about life’s successes, challenges, joys, and fears

  • A 20-minute recorded discussion about the survey questions

  • A 30-40 minute portrait shoot, including professional headshots and lifestyle/character shots

  • Access to download the edited digital files from your shoot

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