Engaging Arts

In this time of divisiveness and discord, how do we use art and expression to bring people closer together? How do we use photography as a tool for building a better understanding of each other?  Engaging art experiences should do just that - create thought, dialogue and connection. As a photography-based studio, these types of programs can range for our clients from developing image concepts, to shooting images, to creating workshops for students or staff, to developing art collections for organizations, and more. The experience is fully customized to our clients' needs and desires. While the process is different for everyone, the foundation is the same: Photography and Art.

Organizational Benefits of an Engaging arts program:

There is an increasing concern over how organizations can establish organizational commitment, innovation, and productivity with its employees. There is also a growing interest in how physical workspaces influence employee interaction and commitment. Whether you're a school, a hospital, a tech giant or a small business, we use art as a lens, we explore how people relate to organizations. The arts do not often facilitate change, but they do encourage new approaches to thinking and coming up with innovative  ideas that foster change. It's about creativity, innovation, and dialogue.  Read More ...


How do we use photography as a tool to capture the essence of what you are trying to express? How can we capture the message you want to communicate? From in studio to on location, we look to capture the beauty, the spark, the connection. We drive projects from initial concept to capturing the image to post-production, printing and whatever end-product you are envisioning.

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Art Consulting:

Art has the ability to bring people together, build bridges where there were none before, create an understanding without saying a word.  Pulling on decades of experience, we use the arts to generate connection, dialogue, and experience. Consulting services range from creating art collection concepts to installing the finished work and everything in beween.

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